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Using SSNAP reports for Quality Improvement

Summary reports
High level summary of team-level performance and clinical trends over time. Highlights clinical areas of good, adequate and poor performance

Includes information about:
  • Performance levels (A-E) across 10 clinical domains
  • Performance levels across 44 key indicators of care
  • Data quality
Use this report to:
  • Quickly understand overall levels of service provision
  • Quickly identify areas to focus QI action plans  
Team/regional slideshows
Team-level/Regional slideshows with visualisations of results to see changes over time by key indicator

Includes information about:
  • Changes over time across all key indicators
  • "At a glance" visualisations of results to highlight trends over time and regional comparisons
Use this report to:
  • Track improvements or deterioration over time across measured indicators
  • Identify trends in clinical care to inform QI projects         
Quarterly results portfolio
Detailed quarterly spreadsheet providing results for all measures collected in SSNAP

Includes information about:
  • Patient case mix
  • tPa/IAT complications
  • Length of stay
  • Infection rates
  • Care home admissions
Use this report to:
  • Fully understand your SSNAP data
  • Interrogate specific data items of interest for QI
  • Identify underlying causes for good/poor performance
Annual results portfolio
Annual spreadsheet of all results for all measures collected, includes five years of annual results

Includes information about:
  • All admissions and discharges over financial years
  • 5 years results presented alongside to allow comparisons 
Use this report to:
  • Track improvements/changes over a 5 year time period, across measured indicators
  • Identify trends in clinical care to inform QI projects
Thrombolysis breakdown
Thrombolysis at patient level

Includes information about:
  • Patient outcomes
  • Clinical measures specifically related to thrombolysis
Use this report to:
  • Review all thrombolysis cases at a patient level
  • Understand why patients did not receive thrombolysis
  • Identify trends in clinical care (related to thrombolysis) to inform QI projects

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